What Do You Do If Your Husband Isn't Affectionate?

Many wives may feel that if their husband is no longer affectionate to them and no longer communicates to them it means they are cheating. This isn’t necessarily the case in most marriages. Yes, there are husbands who do cheat and do show signs of not communicating and not being intimate with their wives. But that is the minority and not the majority. If you find that your husband, who once was extremely affectionate and couldn’t keep his hands off you, is no longer doing those things, there are other reasons why he is doing that and there is a way to change that.

Why Is My Husband No Longer Affectionate?

There are many reasons that contributes to a lack of affection in a marriage. Your husband, for instance, may be anxious or frightful with true affection. They can get by with being intimate and sexual with you but lack the emotional affection that women crave.
Other husbands may notice your appearance changing and not find you as attractive. It’s true that men are extremely visible and if you are always dressed in sweats with a ponytail without any makeup, they will definitely find the woman in tight jeans and a low cut shirt at the grocery store much more attractive.
Still other husbands may find that the stress of supporting his family is too much. Many husbands work long hours every day and don’t have time to connect with their wives. With work constantly on their mind, being affectionate is no longer a priority.

How To Get Your Husband To Be More Affectionate

For husbands who are anxious or frightful of true affectionate, you need to let your husband know that they are safe when they are affectionate and that only good things come from being affectionate. You might want to model being affectionate and telling him that you like it when you two snuggle while watching TV or when he cooks dinner.
For husbands who may have the wandering eye, wives need to be a little more conscious of how they look. Putting on a little mascara, lip gloss and blush will refresh your look. Wear a sexy pony tail and find some hip-hugging gym pants if you don’t want to dress up daily. Putting on a snug shirt is just as easy as putting on an XL shirt so make the point and dress womanly. Doing little things like this will definitely get you noticed at home and it will make you feel more confident in your appearance.
For the other husbands who have constant stress on their minds it might be a good idea for the wife to plan a weekend getaway. Clear it at work and make sure your husband does not have any huge commitments for the weekend. Spending a weekend away once month or so will definitely rekindle your relationship and affectionate behavior will ensue.

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